Monday, May 18, 2015

Medieval Recipe: Von Einer Hirzlebern

This is a recipe from Sabrina Welserin’s “Ein Buch von gutter spise” published in 1553. This is a German cookbook. It has been translated only. I would love to hear what people come up with for a redaction and how well the recipe turns out! Leave a comment.

Von einer hirzlebern (Of a Deer Liver)
Ain birzes lebern sol man braten uf eime roste, die man lange behalten wil. und sol die dünne sniden zu schiben. und nim einen reinen honiesaum, den siude. und nim denne yngeber, und galgan und negelin. die stozze under einander. und wirfe sie dar in. und nim denne ein faz oder ein schaf dor in du ez wilt tun. und wasch ez gar rein. und giuz ez dor in ein schiht honiges. und lege denne ein schiht lebern. und also fürbaz. und legez vaste uf ein ander. und setzze daz hin.

One will roast a deer liver on a grill, which (grill) one wants to keep a long time. And will cut the dark to slices. And take a clean liquid honey and boil it. And then take ginger and galingale and cloves. Pound them together and throw them therein. And then take a tub or a jar in which you want to put this dish. And wash the tub very clean. And pour the finished honey in it. And then lay a finished liver and also still more (layers). And lay wide on the other and set that out.

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