Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beekeeping Suits

This is a posting from my Facebook page I thought I would share here:

A reader asked:
"Can you recommend a place to get a full bee-suit that is still affordable? I'm hoping to get a good one."

I would start with Dadant. This is who I purchased my suit from 6 years ago. They have a wide, wide variety of sizes. The suits are very well priced and still high quality. My suit was canvas. The net for that went over the hat/helmet zipped into the collar.

Don't forget the gloves too if you're looking for head to toe coverage. Be sure to get gloves that fit well so frames can be easily manipulated. Dropped frames = Angry Bees

I also used their Velcro bands around my ankles. Boots that meet the bottom of the suit will be necessary. I used hiking boots because of where my hives were. Many beekeepers use rain boots that come up mid-calf.

It is VERY important to note there is never going to be any protection that is guaranteed 100% effective. If bees want in, like any other critter, they will find a way. I have seen someone in a full suit and Velcro bands be stung.

Proper handling of frames and slow, deliberate movement is always helpful near the hive. The bees can sense tension, so being relaxed while working the hive is important too. I plan to greatly reduce my protective gear when I am able to have bees again. The canvas suits can be kind of clunky and get very warm in the Summer sun.

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