Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Bar Hives: Introduction

The Top Bar Hive, or TBH as it is commonly known as, is a horizontal hive elevated about three feet off the ground. The height makes it easier for the beekeeper to work the hive. The elevation also keeps water and dampness out of the hive. The width allows the bees to have the room they need to build enough comb. The shape of the TBH is similar to a log where wild bees would build a hive.

The TBH does not have wax foundation or frames. Instead, there is a set of bars for the bees to build comb on. There is a strip of wood on the bottom of the TBH bar to guide the bees to build straight comb along the path of the bar. The straight comb is only of benefit to the beekeeper for use of checking on the hive and retrieving honey. The bees will more than likely build the comb in any direction they deem best for the hive.

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