Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modern Bee Pic #3

This is a picture of Top Bar Hive (TBH) honeycomb being drawn out and worked on the bar by the worker bees. The cream colored comb to the left is virgin comb. It's comb that has yet to be used for pollen, honey production, or raising young. It is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me.

At the top right of the picture, along the bottom edge of the bar, there is a substance that looks like melted Bit o' Honey. This is propolis. The bees manufacture it from tree sap. It is sometimes referred to as "bee glue". It is very sticky when warm or hot. Bees use it to fill in spaces and cracks they deem harmful to the hive.

The best reaction I get when showing people this picture or comb I have on hand is from kids. They see the comb and they are already in awe. Then I tell them the bees built it without using a ruler. Their eyes go wide and they get very excited. After that, I am usually unable to keep up with all of their questions.

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